About Bee Charmer NYC


Bee Charmer NYC started out over four decades ago as a sterling silver wholesaler family business with a shop in the Jewelry district in 1960’s New York City. My Great Uncle, hailed the “Charm King of New York”, reigned supreme in the charm business, and when he passed away the collection was inherited by my mother.

In her hands it sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as specialty boutique Space Kiddets, and was featured in New York Magazine Best Bets, and the Sunday New York Times. But with full time jobs, and a spunky ginger to look after, the collection began to drop from priority, and the radar.

Several years ago I inherited that same family business, and have made it my passion to reinvorgorate, reintroduce, and raise the bar on the charm collection. From that passion, Beecharmernyc was born.

Beecharmernyc is a electic, unique jewelry line featuring an array of sterling silver vintage charms, charm bracelets and necklaces. In addition to a wide selection of fun, fashionable items, the collection is built upon a belief of the importance of personal style. With that, almost everything in the line is customizable, allowing customers to mix and match charms with different bracelets, sizes, and necklaces.

As a “Bee” charmer myself, I feel a special connection to the line, not only as creator of the new brand, but for where it came from, and how it came to be here now. The logo is actually the tattoo on the back of my neck, symbolizing a little Bee, named for my nickname, my mom’s name Debra, meaning busy bee in Hebrew, and my grandma Bea. The connection between past and present reminds me every day of what I love and just how precious our pasts can be. This can be illustrated every day with a positive outlook, awesome style and jewelry, and of course, charm. The road to a charmed life begins here…

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