Mix and Match

How to Design your own Custom Charm Bracelet




Step One

Dream up an idea, brainstorm a theme, and plan who your charms will be for. A newly engaged friend? Build a wedding bracelet. Baby shower to attend? How about designing a custom made new baby bracelet. Whether it’s for someone in your life with a specific passion or hobby, a gift for certain occasions, or just for yourself, Bee Charmer NYC will be able to provide the right charms to fit your needs.

Step Two

Click here to choose your bracelet size, width, and style.

Step Three

Begin picking out which charms you want and build your bracelet. (Keep in mind when deciding quantity that these can get heavy. A typical bracelet will have about 5 charms, but any amount desired can be applied

Step Four

Go to Check out and enter “BeeCustom in the discount Code.

Step Five

Wait by the door, anxiously and eagerly anticipating that moment when the mailman arrives. Run to your mailbox, exclaim in joy, open your package, and begin leading a charmed life!